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  1. Katdesignsllc
  2. Katdesignsllc
    I just purchase a Typhoon H 4K
  3. Rok
  4. sherman
    sherman Tuna
    Subject: UAV Toolbox and Typhoon H Pro
    I would like to know if you are able to cache maps for CCC from home wifi to use in the field. I don't have a smart phone so not able to connect to internet when out flying. And if able to cache maps are they able to be
    able to be adjusted or changed when at location to fly.
    Thank You
    1. Tuna
      The route you plan to fly is stored on the ST-16 permanently, so you don't need a wifi connection to fly it. The map background should remain cached so you can view the route in the Mission Editor when you are in the field. However, caching has a couple of bugs that sometimes means some map tiles aren't properly displayed. I'm working on fixing that.
      Jan 20, 2017 at 5:35 PM
    2. sherman
      thank you for getting back to me and please keep posting any updates.
      Jan 20, 2017 at 7:09 PM
  5. dpramsden
    Hello from Chocolatetown, USA aka Hershey, PA
  7. ToToMcJoe
  8. Paul Hughess
    Paul Hughess
    Having problem linking st16 controller usb port with my tv set on usb 1 no response'
    1. Paul Hughess
      Paul Hughess
      Purchased typhoon h in dec 2016 st 16 showing firmware
      typhoon h showing no firmware N/A should have firmware for camera correct
      Jan 23, 2017 at 4:35 AM
  9. Flying Egle
    Flying Egle
    Hobby Builder and Pilot ..... studying for my part 107 UAS License
  10. Pensacola Droner
    Pensacola Droner VetteDrone
    My drone was missing the sd card wonder if yuneeq will. Send me download for it
  11. gamik
  12. gamik
    If you think you are too small to be able to change things sleep with a mosquito and you will see which one prevents the other from sleeping
  13. A to Z Paladin
    A to Z Paladin
    Two birds in the hand now. Typhoon GCO3 and GCOET.
  14. ISC West Unmanned
    ISC West Unmanned David Bercovich
    Hey David! Congrats on your ever growing expansion. We would like to bring your product to the Super Bowl of Security shows- ISC West in Las Vegas. See the website for more info: http://www.iscwest.com/ Please give me a call to reply- 203-840-5852
  15. Dave Harvey
    Dave Harvey
    Can the cgo3 track a moving object on the H? I don't mean follow me mode ! Actually follow a poi if it moves
  16. bowhunt
    bowhunt tinchob
    Hell tinchob . I have many problems with the GPS does not lock. I live in Denmark and Standard firmware on my H Real Sense. Thanks in advance. John Dahl Clausen. E-mail. bowhunt.jdc@gmail.com
  17. Pensacola Droner
    Pensacola Droner
    I own the q500 4k
  18. kenneth dutra
    kenneth dutra
    Have 2 Q500K'S and think they are the best on the market.
  19. Panagra1
    Painting the Typhoon orange is a good idea. It is very easy to lose sight of the current
  20. Ennoia
    Enjoying all the UAV excitement at CES 2017!