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  1. Art-Tistic
    Im in the States with US firmware. My reason for the antenna mods (like many others) is to get better consistency on the video reception.
  2. eric bee
    do you use europe or us firmware on typhoon h?
  3. eric bee
    the DBS is fantastic item. I have put some small foam under the hole to take a little bit care of the DBS for no scratches. And the hole need some xtra space for movement of OPEN/CLOSE the backpack.
  4. Art-Tistic
    Im thinking about replacing my stock antennas with the new DBS (3 antenna model) and was concerned about having to remove it each time I pack up... Your mod seems straight forward. The only item...
  5. DronesSellingHomes
    Though it's "just" a test, I believe it's a beautiful image.