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  1. Steve Carr
    Nicely done and good flying.
  2. Steve Carr
    That is a stunning photo. The color, lighting and perspective are superb.
  3. Cranky Trapper
    Nope it won't freeze solid. We have the community wells too. Non potable water though. We also have a 4x4 100ft well dug by hand here. The water isn't any good for drinking though.
  4. Rayray
    @Cranky Trapper So it won't freeze solid, huh? In the old days here, each farm house had a shallow well, dug by hand, like 30" to 36" diameter and 30' to 50' deep. Now most of that shallow water...
  5. Cranky Trapper
    It's a large area dug in the ground - typically 20 feet deep more or less. It's used to collect and store groundwater. It's a water supply that every rural farmyard has. We used ours for...