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  1. Buck2040
    Nice picture. That horizon sure does look flat. How high do we need to go to get some curvature?
  2. Steve Carr
    Just Curious Richard.......were you able to upload this straight out of the camera of did you edit it before uploading? Thanks
  3. Art-Tistic
    Hello Eric, One additional question; did you remove any foam from the bottom insert? thanks! Ant
  4. eric bee
    since i use the us firmware and dbs antenna (2connects first on 2 antenna st16 then switched to new st16 and connect to left and middle the dbs) i have a very stable connection. 1km without...
  5. Art-Tistic
    Im in the States with US firmware. My reason for the antenna mods (like many others) is to get better consistency on the video reception.