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  1. David Armstrong

    Jun 8, 2016
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    After receiving my typhoon h, I refused to even give it a spin until I made sure and read the manual several times and read multiple discussions on this forum. I didn't want to be guilty of making a simple error due to missing some important information (like not using the red button on the TX for auto landing...;) I am sure that I could have made the same mistake) I read all of the requirements for the compass calibration (open field, no power lines, concrete structures nor cell phones) and so made a special trip across town to a park that had a large open field with no power lines, concrete nor metal core structures. I made all of the calibrations and afterward flew it for about 10 mins, just to break in the battery. After I got home I realized that I had my cell phone in my pocket the whole time. My questions is: is it necessary for me to recalibrate the drone since I had my cell phone in my pocket? The calibration was successful and the drone has flown fine on both of my outings, but I have had a hard time making it back out to the open field. I typically fly it in my neighborhood which has a ton of power lines and no open fields. I generally have flown build from scratch drones and hooked up my own flight controllers and gps', but have never followed any of the yuneec criteria for calibration and haven't had a problem. But, if there is a chance that I got a lemon, I want to make sure that I go by the book, that way I can be sure to be protected by the yuneec warranty. I guess basically I am asking that: if the calibration shows that it was successful, do I need to recalibrate if I didn't follow procedure? Thanks!
  2. FlushVision

    Jun 19, 2016
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    A successful calibration isn't necessarily a good calibration. Obviously you have a doubt in your mind otherwise you wouldn't have felt the need to ask the question. That being the case it would probably be better for you to re-calibrate if only for your own piece of mind.
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  3. QuadBart

    Jan 19, 2016
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    Good point. I had good calibrations but a bad GPS board had it doing bad things.

    I've done calibrations of all my birds with my cell in my pocket and still in my car at remote locations. Near as I can tell it didn't make any difference (negatively). I think it just reduces the "noise". But as FlushVision says, if you have concerns redo it. Peace of mind or lack of can be a big distraction...