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  1. Atomic08

    Mar 31, 2016
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    Thank You Yuneec Customer Support !

    Well I finally got a Working Typhoon H !
    After weeks of talking back and forth with Yuneec CS,
    I was able to get a replacement Typhoon H !

    Thank you to Axel at Yuneec who actually took the time while I was on the phone to look at the videos and make a decision to replace the Typhoon and the Controller only.

    After three days I was told that the H was out of stock and would be a while before I would get a new replacement unit...
    Upset, I spoke to Brandon S who said they would send me a NEW Boxed unit.
    Transfered me to the Order Department and spoke with Elia
    who arranged to OVERNIGHT the New Boxed Unit for $20 !
    Amazing !
    Unit Processed 7/21 at 6:10 PM in Ontario, Ca
    Delivered to me 7/22 at 10:26 next Morning in Bing, NY !

    After 9 weeks since my order was place and 4 RMA Returns I Finally have a working unit !
    Not much help from the dealer I ordered from, ( I'll make another post on that Later)
    but the H really flies great with 8 10-12 minute flight on 4 different batteries.
    Flies steady at hover and RTH works like charm !
    Once I break in the batteries, I'll make a comparison with my other Drone.
    Thanks for all the help from the Forum Members !

    Below is a record of my ordeal:for those Interested in my time frame:

    I posted a while ago about my Typhoon H Toilet Bowling
    Erratic Flight Video "Toilet Bowl"

    3/23 Pre-Ordered From B&H
    5/23 B&H Order Canceled
    5/24 Ordered From Drone Mountain
    5/24 Notice From DM-Order Lost
    5/31 Order Backordered
    6/2 Order Shipped From DM
    6/7 Order Received
    6/8 Flew 3 times for 7 minutes total Uncontrolable Toilet bowling
    6/9 First RMA issued and Sent back to Yuneec
    6/17 RMA Received in for Inspection
    6/24 Repair sent back to me
    7/1 Delivered
    7/2 calibrated and tried to fly...same results
    7/2 to 7/10 calls and emails to Drone Mountain and Yuneec
    7/13 Axel from Yuneec reviews my youtube Videos and issues RMA #2
    7/15 RMA for Parts issued
    7/16 Yuneec states Units back ordered until further notice (Web states up to 6 weeks !)
    7/21 Calls to Brandon to complain and issues a new Off the Shelf Unit sent !
    7/22 NEW Typhoon H received !
    7/22 Returned 2nd RMA Received at Yuneec and inspection started
    7/23-7/29 New Unit works and flies GREAT
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  2. KBflyer

    Oct 11, 2015
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    Not sure if I would be giving Yuneec praise, perhaps a way to go for getting this right for a change. Not many people lately posting happy endings with their dealings with Yuneec support. Your one of the lucky ones. Glad it all worked out for you.
  3. Atomic08

    Mar 31, 2016
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    Maybe not giving praise, but I am sure happy to get something useuable after all this time !
    Flew tonight after dark with NO problem !
    Getting more confident with the H !
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  4. Atomic08

    Mar 31, 2016
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    UPDATE ! 8/1
    Got Home From Work Last night and there was a package From Yuneec !
    They repaired and resent my original returned Typhoon H ! Replaced the Compass and Updated the firmware on the ST 16 and H ! ( Invoiced shows Replaced GPS Circuit Board Module $39.99 Labor $80.00 No Charge !)
    I went out and flew it around for two fights and NO MORE TOILET BOWL ! Hovers like a ROCK !
    Checked out the firm ware updates and I can get about 1200 more feet in distance compared to my replaced Typhoon with the old Firm ware. I think I am going to test both out until I have to return the one just sent..
    Unless they let me keep it !
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  5. PatR

    May 1, 2016
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    Home in May
    Odds are likely you'll keep both. I dealt with Yuneec CS yesterday and obtained total satisfaction with the process and results.
  6. Atomic08

    Mar 31, 2016
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    Nope ! Just off the phone with CS.
    Told them what happened and they issued a RA for the one I just received..
    For my Honesty...They are sending me a free battery !
    I offered to buy it but is was $900-$1000..Too much for me..
    as There is no camera, battery, charger. props and all the other goodies in the box
  7. Donp

    Jul 7, 2016
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    Hi All. I have had to give in and send my TH Pro back for what I am sure are GPS problems. That said, I must praise the CS Department. 2nd time I had to send a unit back and both calls were fast, immediate, courteous, and got the results I wanted. There are major major corporations I have to deal with regularly that have CS departments that are purely useless. Granted, folks may argue that Yuneec should not be having these issues, and I sort of agree, but at least they stand by the product and don't give us any issues or run around. My TH came back absolutely perfect, and I am hoping the pro does as well. Also FYI, not sure how accurate it is, the rep told me that TH Pro is currently running a 4600 unit backlog in terms of new units that need to be shipped. Looks like a while before we see them readily available. I was hoping they could have shipped me a replacement in parallel, but no go.