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  • AH-1G thanks for getting back to me. Yes while in flight you can see what the cameras is seeing you can even play back the video on the st16 as it's recorded on to the SIM card in the camera. But when you go to view it on the st16 after flight there is nothing there. And yes I have checked all the settings on the st16. This one's got me stumpt?
    Thank you for the offer. Weekends are typically best for me as well. Where are u located and I'm sure we could plan something.
    Took the 107 Test this past Friday...and am happy to report that I passed. I am now in the waiting mode to receive my temp certificate while the hard copy is being processed.
    Once again, Thank you for your help by giving me a hands on lesson.
    We need to team up on a project sometime.
    Good morning....
    Finally, I have my H on the way. Its coming via UPS and is scheduled to arrive tommorow evening.
    I all ready have extra batteries, props, double battery charger..etc. that I have ordered a few items at a time.
    Once again, I want to thank you for being my mentor. I am looking forward to flying with you.

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