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Recent content by Auburnweedkiller

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    Norland Moor

    Are those the remains of stone quarries ?
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    Found UltraX batteries for Typhoon H

    I have three Ultra X, seem to be a good product .
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    Weymouth and Portland

    What were the old stone structures ? Lot's of past history .
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    Chinese stealing data?

    Reminds me of closing the door on the barn after the horse has already got out . DJI says they don't receive any data from their drones , could be true but didn't say it didn't go straight to Chinese Gov.
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    Has anyone found a way to "repair" Typhoon H arms?

    The ends are no good if there are broken so take a die grinder or dremel tool and split the broken part and it should pry off. Good luck.
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    Hello from Wv.

    Welcome Bryan ! from Pocahontas county many years ago .
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    Battery failure report on Goverment website

    Take the hobbyist out of the picture and the prices will skyrocket Yuneec and other manufactures will disappear .
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    My First Flight... Not Good. Not Good at All.

    Do you have metal reinforcement in your driveway?
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    Fix potholes in road with drone?

    Does that mean we are going to see drones on the side of the road holding up shovels hours on end ?