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Recent content by BillyTexas

  1. BillyTexas

    Gimbal tilt when rotating the gimbal or drone

    I have not had the problem anymore. but I have not calibrated my gimbal in a long time
  2. BillyTexas


    I believe you can put the cgoet on the h920
  3. BillyTexas

    Did you ever get volunteered to do a Video?

    Dont forget the FAA forbids flying over people as well.
  4. BillyTexas

    Video in gallery ST-16

    The st16 records what it recieves from the cgo3+. However it is only in 720. It it studders...it records it that way.
  5. BillyTexas


    I got my extra on ebay for 300. Brand new 3 antenna version
  6. BillyTexas


    Thays why i like having the other st16. However at one demo with middle school students a kid started playing with the camera settings on the other st16.
  7. BillyTexas


    You could get an hdmi to av adapter
  8. BillyTexas


    Does the monitor have an hdmi input? Could coneect that way. I have 2 st16s. Works great as a second monitor.
  9. BillyTexas

    Peau 8.25 and panorama shots

    Test it out. Maybr yuneec will update it to allow us to set the number of pics
  10. BillyTexas

    Phot and video transfer

    I use this Micro USB OTG to USB 2.0 Adapter; SD/Micro SD Card Reader With Standard USB Male & Micro USB Male Connector For Smartphones/Tablets With OTG Function Amazon.com: Micro USB OTG to USB 2.0 Adapter; SD/Micro SD Card Reader With Standard USB Male & Micro USB Male Connector For...
  11. BillyTexas

    ST 16 waypoint function instructions H920+

    If yoi download all the chinese maps yes. But leave the map selection in auto...connect to home wifi.....look at maps all in the area you want to fly...zoom in amd out and it should cache the maps for offline use.
  12. BillyTexas

    War on Drones

    Yep....looks fake to me!
  13. BillyTexas


    It dosent mean that the area is authorized by ATC
  14. BillyTexas


    You can file a drotam here Flight Service
  15. BillyTexas

    War on Drones

    Is this fake? Seems that phantom would melt that close to lava.