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Recent content by BobbyG

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    New Q500 4k owner

    Hi, Tony, I live in Durham, NC. If everything is working well including a straight horizon line with the camera, I would not update anything. There are many tutorials on YouTube on how to update software. You can delete your images on your card after downloading them to your computer. You can...
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    CGO-3 Tilting

    Let us know Yuneec's response. If they have a solution, please share.
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    camera slightly cockeyed.

    Yuneec replaced my camera twice for the tilting issue and camera number three still has the problem. It may look level on my first flight, but it usually tilts to the right after a few minutes of flying. I land and restart everything (I do not remove the battery) and this usually solves the...
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    Sharpness setting on cgo3

    Thanks. I will try it tomorrow. I belong to that forum, but could not locate the posting. Thanks again for the link.
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    Sharpness setting on cgo3

    Is there a sharpness setting on the cgo3 camera? If so, how do I change the sharpness?
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    CGO-3 Tilting

    Yuneec replaced my camera twice and it still has the tilting issue on an intermittent basis. Not sure they know why this occurs. As soon as I see it tilting, I land and restart my controller and Q500. This usually solves the issue, but I hope they can correct this with a firmware update.