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Recent content by btink

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    CG02 wiring plug locations

    After a crash, my CG02 camera came loose from the shock mount breaking off 2 JST plug connectors from the board. I sent the board for micro repairs to ipadrehab. Upon return, I will have the problem of which wire plug goes where? Does anyone have a wiring diagram of where each wire set from the...
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    CGO2 Repair

    Click on the youtube link at the top of their web page. Your repair should be under $70.00. I'm looking for a wiring diagram for wire positions.
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    CGO2 Repair

    Ipadrehab.com they do micro solder repairs. I had the same problem. The fishing line between the two parts is too long and when the rubber shock mounts come loose in crash it pulls the connection loose. When i get my board back I will install 2 retaining lines short enough to keep from pulling...