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Recent content by CharlzO

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    Flight Instruction Please

    Probably a good idea. When it happened to me (lost GPS in flight), I was at the lake flying over our family's 4th of July fun last year over the water. Needless to say, I had to actually pay attention instead of just chatting and idly flying. Took a lot more concentration to bring it back down...
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    Flight Instruction Please

    If the drone loses GPS lock, you can still fly, but it loses all ability to self-hold in place, and correct for things like wind, and drift. You will be in complete manual mode. And manual as in, you do EVERYTHING. You no longer get to take your hands off the sticks at all and sit still for a...
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    Video for Youtube

    I used mine to justify the upgrade to a new PC myself (old one was going on 6 years old). Now it loads 4k great, but I have to find more footage to take!
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    Video for Youtube

    Not that it matters in some areas, but also keep in mind that jumping to 4k has other effects as well. In my case, my PC wasn't nearly as new as it needed to be to render reliably in 4k. And there's also upload time to youtube, as well as whatever their connection is for streaming it back. 4k...
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    Cheap controller case

    After picking up a diagnostic tool for a car I bought, someone had posted this case with foam insides that can be cut out to fit things. So I got thinking, maybe it would come in handy for my ST10 controller for my 4k. I don't have a case for the drone itself, but the case and battery and...
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    Video framerates

    Well, there are more and more people filming in 4K for documentaries on youtube and the like. Also, people that are streaming elsewhere, can decide what resolution to see your footage in. So it would depend on if you want to share with others or if you're just using it for your own playback. I'd...
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    Video framerates

    The TV can only display it's maximum. However, you shouldn't see any video issues related to that. Think of it this way - you can hook up a blu-ray DVD player to an older TV, and while you won't get crystal clear picture, you don't see it play worse just because of it. But that does bring the...
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    Pocket Surveilance Drone

    My first thought was "I want one!" and then I found your answer... http://gizmodo.com/5981975/black-hornet-the-195000-spy-plane-that-fits-in-the-palm-of-your-hand So anyone with a spare $200k laying around?
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    Indoor Flying?

    and how NOT to:
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    Camera Tilt

    It's not the lens inside the camera housing loose and turning, is it? I have no idea, I just remember seeing the upgrading camera videos on the 4K where they replace the lens, and I think it screws into the housing, so I just wondered.
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    Indoor Flying?

    The motors only require the GPS lock to start (when it's not disabled). However, that's only to originally start the motors. Once they're started, you're fine. If you're flying and you lose GPS lock, the quad doesn't just crash out. It instantly beeps at you, flashes on the controller, and goes...
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    altitude question

    The difference is probably because 120m is basically 400' - the max altitude programmed into it. It's possible you misread the 400 FEET altitude as meters, and obviously that's a big difference. Just guessing at it, but that's what jumps out at me as the probable cause (unless you misspoke and...
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    We should ask Yuneec to replace our CGO3+ to meet what they advertise now even a low cost new comer

    Have you verified that same quality with someone else with another computer? I'm not denying people might be having issues with a camera. However, I also know that not all computers can handle playback of certain qualities (the same way that 4k shows laggy very bad on some computers and some...
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    Rate Your Yuneec!

    Every post he's made on this forum is the same thing. Obviously not everyone shares his experiences. On another note, the 4k review page, there's a minor error. The last line reads taking photos at 16mp, instead of 12 (the spec list underneath does list it as 12 mp correctly though).
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    Should be already, but it might not hurt just to try. Also double check that the model is selected right in the controller. I'm wondering if maybe it just didn't get a good connection or something when it was attached, so hopefully being able to narrow it down using the SteadyGrip will lead into...