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Recent content by Chase

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    H Pro Hovering - any improvement?

    I understand that and have done all calibrations - on a perfectly leveled surface. I still don't see the the kind of stability that the Phantom 4 has on my drone or any tests I have seen online, and this is fair considering that the Phantom 4 I believe has additional hardware for hover...
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    H Pro Hovering - any improvement?

    Does your pro hover any more solid outdoors than the non-pro? My non pro drifts around quite a bit (elevation and position) even when outdoors and with a good amount of satellites.
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    H Pro Hovering - any improvement?

    I have read that the H Pro also includes an IPS module for indoor positioning. Has anybody had any experience with this compared to the standard H? I'm always jealous of how rock solid the Phantom 4 is when hovering near the ground and would gladly spring the for the IPS module to gain this...
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    ST16 and Steady grip

    I'd be curious to know this as well - have been thinking about mounting the steady grip onto other objects, and being able to control the camera from the ST16 remotely would be great. Did you ever test this?
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    International travel with the TH

    I bought the above Samsonite case and traveled from the US to the UK on Virgin Atlantic. Took a large backpack as my "personal item" and my TyphoonH-loaded Samsonite bag as my carry on luggage, packed similarly to in the video. Leaving the US I had TSA pull it aside for inspection, but no hassle...
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    Typhoon H carry on case

    I picked up this American Tourister bag trying to save a few bucks, but it was a uncomfortably tight fit. I returned and got the Samsonite one from the youtube video which is a better fit.