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DonnieB's latest activity

  • DonnieB
    DonnieB reacted to Atomic08's post in the thread FAA Numbers with Like Like.
    I just make some Mailing labels in WORD with Avery 18660 Labels. Made one page and remove and replace when they fade.
  • DonnieB
    DonnieB replied to the thread FAA Numbers.
    I was thinking of this route but was going to tape it on top of the H body
  • DonnieB
    I too made a list and then updated the list after a while. You are right though, you will learn then steps quickly, if you follow your...
  • DonnieB
    DonnieB posted the thread FAA Numbers in Typhoon H Discussion.
    How are you marking your Typhoon H? Something that you stick on or using stenciled-on letters?