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Recent content by DoomMeister

  1. DoomMeister

    Latest Breeze 4k mobile app?

    Sounds like the same thing that happened last year with the iOS version on the App Store when they let their license lapse and Apple removed the BreezeCam app until they renewed the license.
  2. DoomMeister

    I got this "Tips !!!! Firmware upgrade is required for security update"

    Try deleting the BreezeCam app, then reinstall it. Then only use the app when the phone has cellular disabled and you are connected to the Breeze.
  3. DoomMeister

    Mantis q

    Start with page 10 “Binding Procedure” in the attached manual.
  4. DoomMeister

    I got this "Tips !!!! Firmware upgrade is required for security update"

    Put your phone in airplane mode before you fly the Breeze, then it won’t be able to download the update through the cellular network.
  5. DoomMeister

    how to increase the altitude

    The default limit on the Typhoon H is 400 feet AGL from the takeoff point. If you are flying in flat terrain there is no problem, but if you are in a valley at takeoff and are flying up the side of a 300 ft hill populated with 100 foot tall trees you need the ability to stay above the tree line...
  6. DoomMeister

    how to increase the altitude

    I think you are asking how to change the altitude limits for the Typhoon H/Pro. You need to download and install the Typhoon H GUI app from the Yuneec website. Then run the app as administrator on your Windows PC. The settings will not take in the aircraft if you do not run the app as...
  7. DoomMeister

    lost connection

    Sorry to hear of your plight with the MQ. What were your settings for RTH height in the YuneecPilot app? Were you flying with just the phone or the phone/controller combo? How far away was the MQ when you lost connection? I’m attaching the User Manual and you can find the RTH information...
  8. DoomMeister

    Calibration mantis q

    Memorize the calibration procedure and perform it in an open area away from any magnetic interference. Leave your phone at least 30 feet away and do not wear any type of smart watch while doing the procedure. It should then complete successfully and not ask to be calibrated every time you fly...
  9. DoomMeister

    Crash drone

    It does slide on a mounting rail, but there should be a latch that needs to be released in order to unmount it. Can you tell us more about the crash?
  10. DoomMeister


    Do the labels press down easily or are they solid? If you don’t already use a charger that allows you to set them to storage voltage, you should strongly consider it. The search function on the forum will bring up several posts on the subject.
  11. DoomMeister

    Gimbal problem on my TH

    Check the position of your gimbal tilt and pan mode switches and also the tilt slider and pan knob. With both switches in the up position, and the tilt slider fully forward, the gimbal should have the camera centered forward and at horizontal level. I’m also attaching a better manual than the...
  12. DoomMeister


    Is the swelling affecting the case of the battery or just where the information plates are on the top and bottom? Do the batteries still slide in and out of the aircraft without sticking? Is their flight time considerably shorter than those not showing any swelling? Do you use a third party...
  13. DoomMeister

    Fly away

    Go into System Settings on the ST-16 and select Mode Select. See what your setting is there. Normal setting is Mode 2. To do what you describe you would need to be in Mode 1. Have you always used left stick up to takeoff or did you previously use right stick up to launch?
  14. DoomMeister

    Typhoon H GPS Lost! Fly Away! My story!

    @[email protected] The files you posted have been opened by Excel or another similar program and it places a tag on the file that makes it unusable with the program most of us use to analyze the data. Make a folder on your computer 'CrashLog' and copy the Remote, RemoteGPS, and Telemetry files from...
  15. DoomMeister

    UAV Toolbox - New release August 16th - 2.3.0

    1. 5 2. $5 to $10 I also prefer Google Maps/Earth, but I’m sure the SDK’s are totally different. I just looked at the info on the Google Map SDK and it requires a working Google Play which the ST-16 does not have, it is crippled. @Tuna may be able to shed more light on this subject.