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Recent content by DrP

  1. DrP

    Talk me out of a DJI.

    After a year and a half as a "Typhoon snob" I took the plunge last week on the DJI Mavic Pro. (I've still got most of my Typhoon. It met a tree then a rock in my front yard. Any pointers on swapping out a body and a motor on a Q500+ ?) I flew the Mavic yesterday and Wow....just Wow! There're...
  2. DrP

    Top accessories to have with the Q500+

    A few more additions to a good drone case: - Surgical clamps. (Surprisingly, modern clamps are use-once, just like syringes. Make friends with a doctor or nurse to get a few used ones, sterilize the bejeezus out of them, and they're perfect for fixing popped camera mounts) - Spare battery door...
  3. DrP

    Q500+ Crash Update

    Your crash description sounds like a classic VRS (vortex ring state), props still turning but Q500 falling through its own turbulence. VRS has cost me about 14 or so busted props on my "Wall of Shame". The recovery is anything but an UP command. Command a hard forward/backward or...
  4. DrP


    Must be a security filter somewhere on my browser. Quick fix...borrowed my son's laptop, downloaded q500log2kml just fine. Thanks, h-elsner.
  5. DrP

    This Winter Get out And Get some Good Video

    Here's the early stages of a Colorado blizzard, enjoyed by two dumb dogs, and a world-class bobsledder...well, maybe in a few years.
  6. DrP


    H-Elsner, does your domain no longer exist? I've tried several routes to find q500log2kml_en...all lead to a "Domain Name Sales" website trying to sell me a new domain. Have you moved elsewhere? Please update your link, this appears to be a key tool for using Dashware with Q500's.
  7. DrP

    Talk me out of a DJI.

    Gents, I've been a fan of the Typhoon line for over a year now, never missing a chance to look down my nose at a DJI flyer. It's time to augment my fleet with a newer model, and I haven't been able to talk myself out of the new DJI Mavic Pro. It wins on portability, and just about every...
  8. DrP

    Tranabo Cove

    Graham, beautiful subject and smooth cinematography...but all at a pretty significant altitude. With such towering cliffs available meeting blue water, consider a low-level over-water approach and a climb up and over those walls of stone. (Fair warning, being a fan of dramatic approaches has...
  9. DrP

    Battery Charger

    Gents, how about a non-stock charger that optimizes the Q500 batteries for storage? I tend to be a "fly four batteries out...then stand down for a month" flyer, so multi-charging is less important than storage. (Battery status is one legitimate advantage the DJI-snobs seem to have over us...
  10. DrP

    Post Production Tools

    Thanks, JCFlippen. I've also noted references to: VSCD Video Editor Power Director Movie Maker (Of course we can't overlook the tool that comes with Windows...surprisingly capable.) Final Cut Pro Let me ask a related question. For soundtracks, we all know the dangers of using copyrighted...
  11. DrP

    Narragansett, Rhode Island

    Dude, you really fly that thing (was it an H?). Also very curious about the editing tool you used post-flight...very clear, professional looking.
  12. DrP

    France - Alps - Queyras - Col de la Furfande 8.200 feet

    Stunning footage. (Which aircraft, and what video tool(s) did you use for the edits?)
  13. DrP

    Popham Beach Maine, USA

    Very aggressive, yet smooth flying. (You're better than I am...a lot better.) What editing tool(s) did you use to put together the final video?
  14. DrP

    Post Production Tools

    Ladies and Gents, as most of us "master" the aerial techniques of not meeting trees and respecting gravity, may I expand the discussion to helpful tools for turning our hard-won raw .mp4s (in the 2Gb range) into finished video products of usable size. Many of the shared videos show surprisingly...
  15. DrP

    Sudden altitude drop and hard landing.

    More important question: Are hexcopters more or less prone to VRS than quads? (Jonesing for the Typhoon H. It's September, and I've got less than 4 months to get my story straight for Christmas. Last year's present from my wife was "Go ahead and get your *&^%$ drone.") "Fly it. Risk it. Fix...