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Recent content by Gadget2628

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    Can you install a different version of Android on ST16?

    Short answer ... No. You will brick your controller.
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    To test the range put on the square wifi antenna (make sure you keep it pointed at the drone because its pretty directional), set your geofence to say 2000m and put in freshly charged, non-puffed battery. Make sure you set the Return to home altitude to suit local conditions BEFORE you fly...
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    SOLD - Typhoon H

    Where are you located?
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    E90 Best practise to access pictures

    Please, please have a good read of the manual for the 520E. Your question indicates that you haven't done that and that you haven't operated any of the H series drones before you purchased your 520E. The aircraft and its cameras are quite sophisticated and are not intuitive to use. It is...
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    St16 wifi won't turn on

    I would also suggest a check the model that the ST16 is bound to. The profiles can get corrupted and when this happens you can have all sorts of unusual problems. Do the ST16 reset and if that doesn't work go into the model select tab and make a copy of the Typhoon H profile, give it a...
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    It might be that your ST16 is having a problem with the drone profile. I have occasionally had problem you describe (touch the Calibrate command for the compass and nothing happens) and have only been able to fix by deleting the active profile and making a new one. The procedure for creating a...
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    After flight time low warning RTLactivated and H520 crashed

    More questions. What was the status of the ST16, both for satellites and power. As I understand it the when the 520 goes into RTL mode and your system is set for an RTL at the controller's position the 520 goes to where the ST16 said it was. If there are any issues re GPS acquisition by the...
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    After flight time low warning RTLactivated and H520 crashed

    Is that one of your normal flying locations or was it a new one? If it is a new location how far is it from where you last flew?
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    Has anyone got the Typhoon H utility software for pc?

    Try this: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ecti3aatj6mrwur/AAD8RZjJPTuD88P1LxZ5MMNja?dl=0 Enter into address bar of browser, when prompted for Download App and Continue To Website buttons select Continue to website Hope this helps.
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    New in box, what's required for first flight?

    Not something to learn in the first few flights but something that can be useful in unusual situations ..... particularly if it gets a mind of its own as has happened. I started off with a tether attached to landing gear and practiced take-off, landing and hover..... never went above 3 metres...
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    New in box, what's required for first flight?

    Suggest strongly: - read the owners manual carefully first, - do software updates, - charge BUT be very suspicious and careful with such old batteries (maybe charge outside just in case anything untoward happens), - Make sure you properly calibrated the compass and acceleromeeter BEFORE you...
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    Horizontal Drift Too High

    Hi Renier The horizontal drift error message is new for most users since an update in January but more on that later. Firstly have you calibrated all of the sensors? Generally the bird needs to have the compass calibrated if the drone is more than 8 km (5mile) from where it was last...
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    Little Big Econ

    Really, really great video.