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Recent content by Gadget2628

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    UAV Toolbox - New release August 16th - 2.3.0

    Thank you so much for all your work with the system Tuna. It is really appreciated and very vital to the work of the H pilots.
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    yuneec updated service

    Good morning Mr. Davidson. Can you advise if there are plans re servicing and warranty work in Australia? Regards Dennis.
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    H520 Yaw Expo

    Hi Lance. I'm from Australia and we lack a couple of things. Haydn from Mountain view does a great job but we need warranty support closer to us. Having to wait weeks to get a camera replaced under warranty is too long. It would also be nice to be able to access the service deals in this...
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    Horizontal lines and wavy distortion of the image. What could be the reason? Yuneec H520, E90.

    Hi Abant. I added to the other thread re the firmware update issue. Might be of some use re that issue. Cheers
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    motors not starting and connection lost mid mission

    Had exactly the same problem a month ago. I found I could start the motors if I stirred the right stick BUT I had to do it before each flight. I did all the usual tricks to fix it (manual stick cleaning, spray cleaning the pots, rebinding the drone) but in the end determined it was a software...
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    After the software update ST16 does not receive telemetry from the drone.

    Hi Avant. I think might have found a possible solution to the problem. I had the dreaded "Cannot connect" messages again. Cutting a very long story short turn on the ST16, fire up the drone with the camera on the drone and once it has connected then exit DataPilot and go to the android system...
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    8 mm pixaero lens

    Hi John. I would be interested in one. The only issue is that it will have to be shipped to Australia. Regards.
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    H520 E10Tv questions

    The 640, depending on Lens selection can give you pretty good subject identification. The 320 is pretty good, 640 is twice as detailed. Given that the animals you are trying to identify are not going to be shooting at the drone you can pick a combination of lens, camera and operating height the...
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    H520 E10Tv questions

    My understanding is the camera is being sourced from FLIR. If you have a look at the Yuneec Israel Facebook page there are some thermal videos there. Definitely E10T, I think some are 640 res but the folks from Israel should be able to advise which is which and what lenses have been used.
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    Whiskey D**K landing gear after accident... Suggestions

    I would suggest a new servo as the simplest and most reliable solution. There is no real easy way to fix the damage done to the servo by the hard landing.
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    Requesting help from you experienced folks on some regulations

    Here is a further complication. A lot of Anglo-Saxon Aussies have Irish AND Scottish heritage. Explains our urge to drink and fight!
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    Requesting help from you experienced folks on some regulations

    Still laughing Doug. You obviously hung around with some very bad people some years ago. I worked in the "serve and protect" business but spent a lot of time working alongside people who wore the green bdu's or more recently the modern versions. Very, very bad people who drank lots of alcohol...
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    Requesting help from you experienced folks on some regulations

    But they can be pissed ... and pissed off at the same time.
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    Requesting help from you experienced folks on some regulations

    Yep ... Famous for kangaroos, koala bears, the platypus and federal regulators that don't seem to want to keep the playing field level for big and small business. Hence the real estate situation .... Oh .. and the Wing drone delivery service.
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    Requesting help from you experienced folks on some regulations

    It is a federal decision, our federal regulators own the air.