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Grumpy Old Man RC

I am a new drone pilot and only started flying these marvels right after Father's Day in 2019. Started with a RISE Archon and was hooked! I have advanced though a few of the China drones but really wanted a top of the line consumer drone so in July I purchased a Yuneec Typhoon H+ locally and have been learning it while having a ball!
Started our first YouTube channel sometime in April of 2019 to show our playing with RC cars/trucks and added drones as we progressed. We now have a second channel devoted solely to drones and we hope to showcase our area on NC USA where we were born, played, grew up somewhat and now hope to grow old together.
The first channel is: Grumpy Old Man RC
The second channel is: Grumpy & Miss Bly's Drone Adventures
We do not now and will never try to make money from these YT channels since we do them primarily for our own enjoyment but if we give someone a smile along the way, that is payment enough.
I hope to learn some things here and hopefully be able to contribute any knowledge I acquire along this journey.
Thanks for having me!
May 14, 1955 (Age: 69)
Forced Retirement