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Recent content by h-elsner

  1. h-elsner

    Hello everyone. Hope anyone can help

    There are two connections established: RC-connection 2.4GHz ZigBee for control signals and 5GHz WiFi for video connection (video downlink). What describes is a problem with2.4GHz RC connection. This is the one for starting motors, control the bird and getting telemetry. If RC connection was...
  2. h-elsner

    Blade 350QX3

    If the G8302 gimbal is the same as the one from Q500G then those 2 pics may help: It looks pretty similar to Q500. I have heard that there may be problems with gimbal tilt due to missing initialization (especially valid for CGO2 gimbal). ------------------ If tilt will not work as expected...
  3. h-elsner

    Point-Of-Interest (POI) malfunction

    You are right, better to have the original files. Nobody reads more than 1000 datasets as text file, always tools are used. It needs additional effort to recover the data. In this case you have to search and replace TAB with comma and rename the file to CSV. Then q500log2kml will read this. I...
  4. h-elsner

    Cameras Repairable?

    Screenshot_20191117-164216.png This gimbal is definately dead. Only some part could be reused. It's impossible to decide what's going and what not without having it on the table. Yes, that's true. From my toys, I got one of four fully working. A second is used without gimbal as "action" cam...
  5. h-elsner

    Point-Of-Interest (POI) malfunction

    POI without distance leads to excessive yaw movement. Some compass errors while POI is active. 20191113 09:24:48:124 FC switched back to Angle Mode. Voltage starts to drop down from 14,9V (~50% capacity) to 14,5V (~36%). More Compass errors appear. Yaw movement still ongoing and it starts to go...
  6. h-elsner

    Manual Mode Setting Help

    Switch off the GPS to enter manual mode. The Q500 is faster then, up to 20m/s. You have to hold altitude by yourself if you go fast. Works on sim too. br HE
  7. h-elsner

    USB Interface / Programmer Gimbal Adapter Lead

    The cable above is obsolete. It's not usable for Q500 - GUI connection.
  8. h-elsner

    Q500 Series camera tilt transistor

    Maybe this is not at all mainboards the case. But at my both Blade 350QX and my Q500 have that behavoiur. br HE
  9. h-elsner

    Q500 Series camera tilt transistor

    Both transistors have the same signal. If one was blown use the other. No need to replace it, simply use the other pin. br HE
  10. h-elsner

    Just about made a dumb fatal mistake yesterday !

    LOL - same here. I wouln't be too afraid about that. It needs 3sec to cut the motors. This is a long time for a camera shot button. But just to be on the safe side, the safety flip is a good idea. br HE
  11. h-elsner

    Way To Fix Drones project

    One more link for this list: https://github.com/kyChuGit/YuneecDroneCode
  12. h-elsner

    ST16 question

    Yes, that's the way you should do. Same as the antennas at receiver side: One of both antennas has always a good signal, no matter where the transmitter is. Or both antennas have a fair signal. Hoever this 90° rule avoids that both antennas are pointed to each other with minimum range. See...
  13. h-elsner

    Way To Fix Drones project

    For SW experts: The source for the Android CGO3 app is here: https://github.com/unfaix/yuneecFly br HE
  14. h-elsner

    Way To Fix Drones project

    For SW experts: The latest Flight Mode firmware for ST10+/ST12 can be found here: https://github.com/azvampyre/st10-v01b31c br HE