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Recent content by JackMTaco

  1. JackMTaco

    What's with the Leica camera? Square peg in a round hole!

    Anyone got a photo of the bottom of the ION camera? I can't seem to see the bottom of the camera in any video or photos. The only reason I ask is that after looking at the camera in videos people have shown, this literally looks liked a rebadged C23 with an ND fliter option. If the SD card is...
  2. JackMTaco

    What's with the Leica camera? Square peg in a round hole!

    I wouldn't call it professional photo or film considering it still lacks an adjustable aperture....
  3. JackMTaco

    What's with the Leica camera? Square peg in a round hole!

    Probably to act as a faux lens hood to keep glare down from the sun.
  4. JackMTaco

    Yuneecs Future in the US

    This is how a black market is created. I can sell mine for more because it wont have remote ID on it. Maybe I'll hold out on selling mine now till the demand for non remote ID capable drones starts up.
  5. JackMTaco

    Typhoon H Plus Issues

    Documentation or a photo of this being the case please?
  6. JackMTaco

    ***SOLD***Yuneec H Plus - Drone and Accessories - $1400

    I'll be emailing you this evening. Been a busy day and hasn't stopped.
  7. JackMTaco

    ***SOLD***Yuneec H Plus - Drone and Accessories - $1400

    I'm selling my H Plus along with all accessories purchased for it. The list of what it comes with is below. H Plus Drone with RealSense Module removed. (Still have module and will include it with the drone - Missing 1 screw) ST16S Controller - Screen Protector installed - No issues 4HAWKS SR...
  8. JackMTaco

    Yuneec typhoon h plus cant find the camera.

    I let him know the same thing TY. I advised to return it. The fact that it's not paired to the camera out of the box has me worried. We tried to reflash the camera but even after flashing, it stays red.
  9. JackMTaco

    Have you seen This?

    It might as well be called H Plus Plus.
  10. C23 Chip

    C23 Chip

  11. H2 Image Processor.png

    H2 Image Processor.png

  12. JackMTaco

    ST 16 S battery

    This is great news! Thank you for this as I have a ton of 18650s laying around. Now I know I can swap them out for better batteries because I feel like the drain from the controller seems to fast. Where you able to keep the battery casing intact or is it HF welded plastic?
  13. JackMTaco

    ***UPDATE*** Typhoon H Rebuild

    Does it go up like its fully retracted and then drops down slightly? If so, you need to replace the landing gear servo assembly, The fork that rides the screw is broken. Like this
  14. JackMTaco

    Only a 23mm cam?

    Yes and same.
  15. JackMTaco

    Typhoon H Plus Native ISO?

    Not in manual. As a photographer myself, I shot a few test images of the same object and came to that conclusion a while back. When you start to see substantial noise is around 400 and up when shooting DNG photos. After 400, some decent amount of post editing is required to de-noise the images...