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Recent content by Jamison Smith

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    Land surveying with Typhoon H?

    I have searched the forums with no luck so I thought that I would pose the question to the forum. I also fly a 3DR Solo occasionally for land surveying and creating high resolution orthomosaic images. There is an app called Tower that allows the user to draw a box around an area and it...
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    Question re. Motors

  3. J

    Question re. Motors

    Thanks for the information! Puts my mind at ease for when the controller comes back and actually trying to fly this aircraft. Jamison
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    Question re. Motors

    i just received my Typhoon H from a reputable hobby store as an open-box and unfortunately a couple of switches broke on the ST16 in shipping, so I am about to send it back for replacement (which they have been really great about), but in the meantime I place the TH on my patio to connect to...