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    I want to welcome you. Feel free to join in. At the bottom of every page is a link to forum rules. At the page top, extreme right, is a magnifying glass to search for info already posted.

    For a list of areas, click on the YuneecPilots emblem.

    If you have questions about the forum contact the moderators listed below. Just click on a name and select "Start a Conversation".
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    John Hennessy
    Thank you for your kind invitation to the forum. I have had my H for 4 weeks and I keep feeling that it is better than you read about. I have not had ant problems what so ever with landings,I don't fly in smart mode at all one of the old school. I am more interested in apps for precision way points for a business that I am starting .Thanks from Brisbane in Ozzie . Johnno Hennessy
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