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Recent content by jwjohnson

  1. jwjohnson

    Team Mode, Wizard, and Landing on a boat

    I don't really see a necessity for the wizard. As stated above if you want to use the Follow mode that will work with just the ST-16. Otherwise just fly in angle mode and land as you have been doing.
  2. jwjohnson

    Bad H reports true or false?

    Fixed that with the ignore button. I can't put up with his comments any more.
  3. jwjohnson

    720 video feed from Typhoon H, I got a question.

    I have found my landings are much smoother and less chance of bounce when in Rabbit mode rather than Turtle. In fact I hate flying the H in Turtle. The only time I do it is if I'm already up in the air and want to make some really slow movements of the copter. Otherwise it feels it is stuck...
  4. jwjohnson

    Charging rates

    I'm charging at 6.5 amps. Just a hair over 1C. You may be able to push it faster. I'm content to use this rate and let others experiment with the higher C charges.
  5. jwjohnson

    Battery level guide

    Here is my setup. I modded both Yuneec chargers to use either the Yuneec power supply or one of my existing RC chargers. The benefit of the latter is that I can charge at a higher rate and monitor the cell voltages during charging.
  6. jwjohnson

    Throttle channel setting

    Sorry, can't help you there. My advice was to make a backup copy before you mess with it. Kind of like wishing you had mad a back up of your computer hard drive after it fails.
  7. jwjohnson

    Throttle channel setting

    Before you edit these settings I would advise creating a duplicate Typhoon H under the Model Selection tab on the ST16+. Then if you mess it up you can just delete that model and go back to the original. Easier than taking screen shots of every setting.
  8. jwjohnson

    Typhoon H GUI problem

    I've had similar problems with an ASUS netbook of the same size. Some programs expect a larger minimum screen resolution than the netbook can provide. On mine there was a setting that let you have the screen show just part of a larger window - it would scroll when you moved the mouse to the...
  9. jwjohnson

    "Unfortunately, flightmode has stopped"

    I'd call Yuneec. There may be a way to force a reset. Otherwise you'll have to send it in.
  10. jwjohnson

    Will Yuneec open up the software development like DJI?

    I'm a long time digital photographer. In my experience the best and safest way to erase files from your card is to format it in the camera. Most people I talk to do the same thing to avoid stuff like corrupted cards, files and lost images. I never trust a manufacturer formatted card on any of...
  11. jwjohnson

    I adjusted my focus!

    So the laws of physics change when you use a smaller sensor? We know you don't like the CGO3+ camera. We know it is limited. We are just trying to extract the best performance we can from it. I don't want to start a fight, but it doesn't help to reply to nearly every camera related comment...
  12. jwjohnson

    I adjusted my focus!

    According to the calculators I can find the closest match for a 1/2.3" sensor with a 3.6mm lens at f/2.8: the hyperfocal distance is 1.38 feet. Meaning if you focus the lens at 1.38 feet everything from 0.69 feet to infinity will be in focus. Personally with my lansdcape photography I've...
  13. jwjohnson

    Typhoon H - Battery Voltage Tester

    Not my idea, but i am doing it on my chargers.
  14. jwjohnson

    Typhoon H - Battery Voltage Tester

    Here's another way to do it. My charger mod
  15. jwjohnson

    Batteries now shipping?

    Mine on the way from Adorama, too.