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Recent content by louisiana Drone Boy

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    Telemetry! flight logs TyphoonQ500

    Exmaps you get 500 free flight and easy to use
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    Sd card

    If it ant broken dont touch..the minute you do somethung to it..its gonna happen
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    Sd card

    Put a sd card in your st16 for the telemetry files but make sure you format it first..get a 16 gig..and your camera get also a 16 gig class 10..to check your telemetry files after flight..turn on st16 olug into computer and when st16 shows up..look for your flight logs..go online and go to...
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    Q 500 distance

    2300 to 2500 is this stock with no work done to quad
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    Sd card

    You can plug your st16 to a computer and get all the files from the sd card put on your computer..telemetry flight log files take to the exmaps website..get the free 500 flight logs..then you can drop the flight logs in exmaps & it will tell you exactly where your drone flew..will let you know...
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    main led blinking green 3 sec and purple 1 sec

    The main led was blinking green and purple in smart mode..today i fly and verified it is watch me mode..in angle mode its gonna be vise versa..purple and green is a good gps signal and lock
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    main led blinking green 3 sec and purple 1 sec

    Went fly q500t today..in smart mode blinking green 3 second and purple 1 in watch me mode..purple 3 sec and green 1 is a good gps signal alot of people had questions about the green and purple blinking..green and purple again is watch me mode
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    Best balance charger?

    Ev peak dual charger are good..can charge 2 batteries and transmitter together..very nice
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    LED Status Indications Before/During Flight

    So you saying green and blunking purple...angle mode
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    Husky Mobile Job Box

    Case looks good
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    Different way of viewing your telemetry data.....as well as logging your flights

    After flight do i have to reformat the card or just delete the telemetry file from the sd card
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    GPS Tracker advise

    Tk102b a good one also..all you need is a sims card
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    GPS Tracker advise

    I have the