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Recent content by Mantis Q Mayhem

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    SOLD! For sale cg03+camera from H pro.

    I have am extra cg03 + camera and gimbal. Used about 3 months with no crashes or damage. 300.00 and I'll pay shipping in the US.
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    Cg03 gimbal issue

    Thanks brother.
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    Cg03 gimbal issue

    Hey everyone, I thought I would just ask, since I sure someone has had this issue. I power on the h, the gimbal and camera homes itself, video connects and comes to ready. It won't rotate, move up or down and will not do a gimbal calibration after that. Any ideas?
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    ST-16 O/S

    The play service and installer service stopped working. I'm not really sure how to fix. I can't open play store and I downloaded uavtoolbox update, but can't install it. Any idea how to update the Android o/s. Mine is at 4.4 I've tried through settings, it doesn't work.
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    FOR SALE Typhoon H CGO3+ Camera and Gimbal

    You sold this right, it's been awhile
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    Cgo3+ is having issues with a used typhoon h. When you watch any video and only in playback, I'm getting what I think is static like recordings or washed out completely with different colors. The video has good parts and bad, but unwatchable. Is this the wired connection to the camera, maybe...
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    St16 wifi module

    Thanks Doom
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    St16 wifi module

    The wifi module in my st16 has failed, won't turn on and it will show me any wifi networks to connect to. I'm looking to buy one from someone whose st16 isn't working. Get in touch with me if you do and know how. I have not tried yet, but the moduled usually are removable. UPDATE... I was...
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    When is it to cold to fly

    I live in Minnesota, and that depends on the Drone. I was out on the lake ice in Jan., it was about 0 degrees Fahrenheit. I have 5 diff. Drones and the one I use everytime on those conditions is my Parrot Bebop 2 and a cheat. I wrap a hand warmer along the Battery which keeps it at 80 degrees...
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    St16 wifi won't turn on

    That's not it, I have a app on my phone that let's me connect to the camera. When you go into the wifi on the tablet, and turn it on, no wifi signals appear at all. I should see my home network, Cg03 camera, neighbors wifi but nothing appears
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    St16 wifi won't turn on

    I picked up an H last Friday, everything seemed to be working fine, until today. In the middle of my flight I lost video, I thought it was a weak signal. The connecting to wifi appeared and wouldn't go away or connect. Powered down both, turned back on. Nothing..... I went in the settings of the...
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    H battery charger

    I have a question on chargers. I have an h and the sc4000 charger. Best buy sent me new battery but they sent me one for the H+. Since the sc4000 won't charge it, what is the part number of the charger for the 5250 4s/15.2v Charger. Or, should I just send it back and get the right battery for...
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    Can someone help with a firmware download link for the H?

    I tried UK Website but getting 404 message. Looks like the link is directing me back to yuneec USA. No download available