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Recent content by Marnix Verschraegen

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    Yuneec NFZ map

    If Swiss drone pilots want to fly in Europe after 2020 they will need a European fly permit.
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    QGroundControl and the H plus ?

    Sorry but gives no usable info
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    How to setup waypoint flying with the H+

    Which system are you using to program waypoints and fly them with your H+ ? Can you program the waypoints in advance before you go to te site where you are going to run them ? Marnix
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    Is UAVToolbox Compatibel with the H plus ?

    I would like to now if UAVToolbox compatible is with H plus ? Marnix
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    QGroundControl and the H plus ?

    Because the H plus is based upon the pixhawk technology it should be compatible Are there yuneec typhoon H+ owners who already use QGROUNDCONTROL to retrieve log files and program waypoints any information what would be possible with QGROUNDCONTROL and the H+ is welcome thanks in advance Marnix
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    Which camera on the H520 ?

    Hi which camera are you using on the H520 ? I own a Typhoon H and a Typhoon H plus already and i'm thinking of buying the H520. But for example can i fit the C23 camera of my H plus on the H520. The C23 is normally the same as a E90. Marnix
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    Have any anyone tried to control h520(which is connected to e90) on laptop(or desktop) QGC?

    Sorry but usage of such is system is forbidden in my country.
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    Yuneec NFZ map

    After 2020 the european drone law will be there and yuneec will need to inforce there NFZ ands keep it up to date for every country because otherwise yuneec will be banned to fly in Europe. They will loose there EC or EG label.
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    Secret menu after the 2019 update is locked.

    I did the update but when i tap 5x on the compass calibration alli get is a windows asking me for a password ! Which password ???? help need to do my calibrations (acc. and Gyro) kind regards Marnix
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    Dont update your H plus

    For rebinding teh H+ you need to put it on its back
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    Flight Mode App Hack by Dronie!

    Only for the H or also for the H+
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    Is it a wonder we look to DJI !

    Sorry you do not want to buy the H plus for myself i never again wil buy a DJI again. to much troubles with their technical support to begin with (i had a inspire 1 and before i could fly it it went 2 times to their technical support with a wait time of 3 months each. My inspire was 8 months...
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    Is it a wonder we look to DJI !

    I also made the jump for the Typhoon H to a H plus only to get a better camera, longer flight time and standard 2 batteries. Very heppy with the C23 and the longer flight time. As with my H until now i did not have any problem except one i made myself by using an old battery who was aliitle bit...
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    Check your K-Index

    When the KP index was bad my P4 (i already sold) flew very strange. It could not hold GPS very well also.
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    Freewell ND Filters for H Plus

    I have the ND/PL flters from freewell and i do not need the adapter ring