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Recent content by Merlin274

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    New to drones

    Well I've had my first flight with my q500 and went well just took it easy for about 20 min went to change my battery and realized it was starting to rain. So thanks for all the help, guys. I am looking to maybe join a group and definitely get my 107. Any ideas for Northern New Jersey area, I'm...
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    SOLD***Q500 4K +Upgrades/Extras***SOLD

    I'm interested at 250 can you ship to New Jersey, USA
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    New to drones

    Yes I was to close (20 ft or less), and yes it could have been more than just a little blood. I did connect to my laptop and it showed red for the new motor. So upon further research I ordered a new esc. I'm going to install it this morning, I will let you know what happens. Thanks
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    New to drones

    Hello all, I'm Dennis (48 years old) from Northern New Jersey , USA. I recently bought a used (ebay) yuneec q500 4k. I have had a few "toy drones " in the last 3 years to get my feet wet. Wow, I did not realize how much I needed to know! In years past I worked at a hobby shop building rc cars...