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Recent content by Mike Irish

  1. Mike Irish

    Brunclough, Off Grid

    Very nice and the flying wasn't half bad either. What a lovely spot to fly in, lucky man you are. I got a fright towards the end as I thought you were going to fly under the foot bridge o_O All the best Mike Irish.
  2. Mike Irish

    After flight time low warning RTLactivated and H520 crashed

    Possible cause. When you flicked it over to RTL the fact that it raised up in altitude the landing gear goes up as far as I know this is normal. Panic can set in when it does something you didn't want it to doo. When it reaches the height that you have set the Altitude to it should stop and...
  3. Mike Irish

    Typhoon H Plus fell from the sky!

    Yuneec seems to be looking for business as they are sending out emails over the last couple of months. Here is the latest email offer they sent me. Please remember I am in Europe. https://yuneec.us11.list-manage.com/track/click?u=41aed2d25e393a1767dcfc782&id=a3d66a307f&e=1e2f028d05
  4. Mike Irish

    H3 Tear-down

    Yes it would be very easy to fit a micro switch to a small LED and it the battery wasn't inserted filly it would either lite the LED or an easier fix to turn the LED OFF. Just my two cents. Mike
  5. Mike Irish

    Evo 2 Yes or No

    You seem to know more about the Evo2 Pro than me? I have seen lots of reviews on it and most are positive, however some are still recommending the Maxic Pro 2 over the evo 2 Pro. Some are reporting problems with it wearing off to the left by itself? I have seen this in his video and also the...
  6. Mike Irish

    H520E differences from H520

    Why Not share your knowledge with all of us poor members, so we all can inspire to trade up the the H 520E? Regards. Mike
  7. Mike Irish

    Typhoon H Bolt to secure top and bottom shells spec?

    These are the closest ones I can find from the list. 400 pcs Self Tapping Screws, Black M2/M2.6 Self Tapping Screws Pan Head Screw with Box for Plastic Wood Soft Metal: Amazon.co.uk: DIY & Tools
  8. Mike Irish

    After flight time low warning RTLactivated and H520 crashed

    Yes in a situation where you have low power reserve, the last thing you want is to allow the drone to hit and continue on RTH. I set my H Plus to 90f as it is unlikely that I will hit any buildings trees etc at that height. Set and forget so to speak. As you said in your last post cancel RTH and...
  9. Mike Irish

    After flight time low warning RTLactivated and H520 crashed

    3rd, 'Low Battery' warning - the aircraft automatically switches into 'RTL' mode and will first climb to the prescribed altitude and then will set off towards the last recorded 'Home' point. In the event you wish to deny this; you must flip the mode switch to another mode then back. Assuming you...
  10. Mike Irish

    ST16 remote GPS stability issue.

    How have you found the GPS signal since you repositioned it. Did you modify the standard omni directional antenna and if so how? Cheers. Mike
  11. Mike Irish

    Virgin flight with my H3.

    Good to see that you had a your first flight with your new drone and all went well. I have the H-Plus and love it. The H-3 is Yuneec's newest H and not much is known as yet. Could you please share some of your photos and of possible videos. Your H-3 shares much of its older H-Plus flying...
  12. Mike Irish

    Hello from the NW coast of Ireland

    Hi and welcome to the forum. You fill find lots of helpful people here that will give you good advice. I am from Newbridge Co Kildare and fly the H-Plus and love it. Hope you enjoy your new drone. Mike
  13. Mike Irish

    Binding ST16 To H920

    I might be wrong but I think the st16 will only connect to the 920+. The older H920 uses the older st24 transmitter? Regards. Mike
  14. Mike Irish

    Problem camera c23

    Is it possible that you have flown in the rain or in a very damp environment and the contacts are now contaminated of corroded? Did you at anypoint have a hard landing which could cause a crack in a solder connection or trace on a board. Cheers. Mike
  15. Mike Irish

    Third flight with used H+

    Could you show some pictures of the sunshade you have for the C23 camera lense? I've been looking for a lens shade for some time and cant find any. Is the shade still you have still available. Cheers Mike