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Recent content by mlpdx

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    1080p for now...

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    Yuneec Customer Service vs DJI Customer Service... Which is Better?

    Wow, CaptainDrone, thanks for sharing your experiences. I look forward to seeing your future posts on this, and I hope both of your birds come back soon; glad to see your H is soon be back in your hands . As a happy P4 owner and eager future prospective H owner, I dread the day when I have...
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    Testing the limits of the YTH in "follow me" mode (and nearly crashing)

    Wow, the H did an excellent job tracking at that speed, much, much faster than my P4 can track! That said, I'd prefer that they tweaked the algorithm to ensure a certain safety margin above ground level even if it meant failing to keep up (or at least allow that as an option). I was...
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    Sorry Yuneec...I'm done.

    Thanks, that is what I plan to do, although I'm probably six-twelve months from now. I would do it sooner if my procurement manager/wife would not be alarmed to see a Typhoon H sized whole in our budget that is still healing from the Phantom 4-sized whole I placed there last month. I agree...
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    Sorry Yuneec...I'm done.

    I bought a Phantom 4 and am very happy with it -- I have had no problems. It's my first drone and I have found it extremely capable and stable, and the collision avoidance has saved my bacon a time or two. The battery life is the only sort of issue I have run into; I get closer to 22-24...