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Recent content by Morris900rr

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    Joypad bluetooth

    hello, does anyone know if I can use a generic joypad to control the breeze? I tried with a working bluetooth joypad with all the games on the phone. Even if I install octopus the app does not see the peripheral Can anyone help me ? thank you
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    Yuneec Breeze - Phone/Tablet wifi compatibility list

    HUAWEI p20 ( not pro or lite ) works fine !
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    Latest Breeze 4k mobile app?

    https://www.apkmonk.com/download-app/com.yuneec.android.flyingcamera/4_com.yuneec.android.flyingcamera_2017-09-14.apk/ ;)
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    Altitude set

    thanks, I used the app without being connected to the drone .... regards
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    Altitude set

    Hi everyone, I have a problem with setting the maximum height. Even if I set 80 meters from the app when I get back in the settings everything goes back to the default. Can anyone give me help? All the other parameters also return to default ... thanks and good flight