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Recent content by rcer18901

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    Landing gear H plus

    I figured it out. On the H Plus you need to go higher than 10ft and then the gear will retract when using auto takeoff. Works great.
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    Landing gear H plus

    When I perform auto takeoff the landing gear won’t retract. If I land and takeoff without using auto takeoff the gear works like it’s supposed to. It only doesn’t retract when using auto. This is a new H plus which flies perfectly other than that.
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    Compass errors vs battery voltage

    First post on this forum. I have a Typhoon H that is 3 years old and has less than 50 flights. I decided to take it out a few weeks back. Since it has been sitting so long I let it sit out in the open for 1/2 hr for GPS acquisition. I also performed a compass calibration . The H fly’s fine for...