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Recent content by rchrdbarnard2

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    Can you Trust your Typhoon H

    I know a Q500 isn't an H, but it is an aircraft. I've experienced thee same tipping problem, and I've found that if I land nose into the wind, problem solved.
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    Q500 went down any answers may help8

    I some how manged to wipe out my earlier flight logs., so am starting over. I'll look at those graphs after I get a few more flights, only one since I lost the logs. Thank you for your response.
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    Q500 went down any answers may help8

    Mine did this about a month ago. It landed itself kinda hard but didn't crash, nothing broken. I'm wondering if there is a way to load test these batteries?
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    Yuneec Pilots Locations Map

    Please add mine 1. rchrdbarnard2 2. Q500 4K 3. Beaverton, MT Lat 48.4261 N Long. -107.2636 W Standard blue dot
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    New to drones, no idea what I'm doing.

    Welcome to the Forum. I don't know much about the Q500G, mine is a Q5004K, so I Can't help you much there, but I can guide you through the registration process. google the FAA drone zone, click on dronezone/faa.gov. That will take you to the FAA Drone Zone page. Scroll down to I fly under the...
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    Rebind after using UAV Pilot.

    I'm with Steve, go into settings, model, it should show both the Q and the sim, select the Q, back out and go to bind and it should work. Any how that's How it worked for me.
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    OK. I’m an idiot. So what else is new?

    Yup, been there done that kind of stuff too, but you know, the only ones who don't make mistakes are the ones who do absolutely nothing!
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    I got my sim last fall and I'm glad I did. The only cost was for the dongle. I got min from Amazon and think it was les than $40 us. I live in NE Montana and besides winter we get alot of very windy days.
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    Interesting article on using Raspberry Pi to broadcast/receive ADS-B

    I'm wondering why they can't use the GPS signal your aircaft is already sending to you control station? The ads-b products I've seen are add-on and at $1300.00 US not very affordable.