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Recent content by rubencastro99

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    Can I upload missions to the drone without camera?

    One of my H520's camera got broken in an accident. I wonder If I could use this H520 drone without camera to test missions without taking photos and videos. Are there any limitations within missions and manual bind mode?
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    Offline long missions questions

    I acquired some H520 drones. I tried the mission functionality which works perfectly! However I need to do very large missions. Because of this, the controller will probably loose connection with the drone. Given this scenario, I'd like the drone to go forward, finish the mission and not to go...
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    Autonomous flight system without controller.

    Hi. Thank you so much. I heard about H520 but I would like to use these typhoon h too since I already have some. Could I somehow for example control the drone actions with a mini computer like Raspberry Pi?
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    Autonomous flight system without controller.

    Hi, I acquired a yuneec typhoon h. I wonder If I could program a autonomous flight system routine.