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Recent content by Rusty Rogers

  1. Rusty Rogers

    Professional use of Typhoon H?

    You! @DerStig For coming on to a Yuneec forum and bashing Yuneec products that people on this forum obviously fly. Yes I know that the CGO3 is not a high end professional camera, but come on man seriously!
  2. Rusty Rogers

    Professional use of Typhoon H?

    Why don't you go troll some other website instead of coming on here and trying to put down everything. Seriously get a life loser!
  3. Rusty Rogers

    333 exemption assistance

    Does anyone have any experience filing a 333 exemption or know the best company to use that would help filing the exemption? I've seen a few different companies that offer a service that helps you file and some that actually do the filing for you. Different companies are charging anywhere from...