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Recent content by sgsbreeze

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    Amazon Tablet with Breeze?

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    Amazon Tablet with Breeze?

    I don't see a direct reference to the app connection. The Fire tablet uses "Fire OS," neither Android or IOS. Does the Breeze app install and work on the Fire tablets?
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    Very disappointed with the Breeze

    My Breeze connects to my old Samsung Galaxy S4 wi-fi just fine. My problem with the older phone is with the Bluetooth connection to the controller which doesn't work with the S4. Using my S7 Edge just great on both counts, though.
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    Breeze now $149 at Walmart

    Referred a pal to look at the Breeze after he tried mine and I was amazed to see the price dropped again. This isn't an ad for Walmart but it was their initial price drop that convinced me to try it. At this rate, by the end of the year they'll give you one for free if you buy socks...
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    Controller use in other modes?

    Still need the app for the controller mode, as well. Pilot mode is not autonomous. Most other drones I see use the controller for all modes. Still wondering why not this one. But thanks for the response.
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    Controller use in other modes?

    I find it easier to use the controller with my Breeze than the smartphone app. But I'm disappointed that the controller doesn't seem to be available for the other modes (pilot, orbit, etc.) Is there a remedy for this or am I just missing something? Thanks.
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    Shows blackscreen and error when going to controller mode on android app

    Bluetooth version in the older Samsung phones (at least the S4 and back) is not compatible with the Breeze controller Bluetooth. Yes, attempts to use it will send you to black and the app will have to be shut down. Normal. And disappointing for those of us who want to re-purpose older but viable...
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    Where to buy Breeze goggles only

    Thank you for the offer but I found a pair. Because of weather I have yet to try them. I appreciate your response.
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    App crashes when trying to use controller

    Quick afterthought from a new guy to this thread: the app crashes when I try to use the controller with my older Samsung S4. Something about the GameSir Bluetooth connect that doesn't want to work properly with the Android 4.4.2 on the S4. Works great on the newer Samsung S7. Older operating...
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    Where I can buy protective feet for my Breeze Drone?

    How about simply adding some felt furniture pads cut to size? https://www.amazon.com/Self-Stick-Furniture-Round-Felt-Surfaces/dp/B001WAK5X4/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1516807435&sr=8-1&keywords=furniture+foot+pads
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    Wi-fi standards are worldwide but I might caution about buying an older phone. The 802.11ac wi-fi protocol is relatively new and many old phones won't support that. Breeze should still work with older wi-fi standards but the video lag from the slower feed would make FPV impossible. I also...
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    Connecting wifi to the Breeze

    The "Internet may not be available" message is common. I have the S7.and the phone will only link with one wi-fi connection at a time. Your drone has to be that connection and that, obviously, won't get you to the internet. Not a problem since your cell service will still be active for messages...
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    Works but won't take off after crash

    Reviewed the other post about solder connection. Would be nice if it was the solder. I tried putting some pressure on the chip and got no change. This looks like the part: Yuneec Breeze M7 Board I've repaired smartphones before but this looks like an even tougher fix. And more than half of...
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    Works but won't take off after crash

    IRS red. Do we know what has to be replaced? I suspect it's the V2 board I mentioned. Reached out to Yuneec support but haven;t heard anything back.
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    Works but won't take off after crash

    Motors not binding. On closer inspection, the rightmost bulb which I believe normally comes on beneath the "TOF RangeSensor V2" label is not lighting. I find only one YouTube showing what it ought to look like. Could that be the problem? I'm getting no messages within the app indicating that...