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Recent content by SkyHighFlyGuy

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    Unsure when to charge // voltage fluctuating

    Hey gang, I'm out flying again for the first time in a while. Stock battery, full charge. I fell like it drained awfully quick... I was down to 14.7 in a matter of like 2 minutes. Probably 50-80ft up there, no crazy wind. I did tinker around like 10 minutes on the pad with some camera settings...
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    Fixed CGO3+ mount, attached... no pan or tilt!

    FIXED!!! The four sides were fine, but lead me to take a closer look at the connection teeth on the drone. Top middle one was stuck half-in, hence no connection. Used a pin needed to raise it. Since it was the middle of three teeth, it was successfully wedged up from the tiny gap still there by...
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    Fixed CGO3+ mount, attached... no pan or tilt!

    Hey gang, I was super excited to fly my drone in Compton today after receiving my replacement mount last night. But now that she's airborne, my pan & tilt abilities aren't working. However, once airborne, at least the fixed camera (VS slight pan to correct itself and look forward) ability is...
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    H flashing purple-white-yellow... uhhhh???

    Hey Gang, I was taking the H out for the first time in 2 weeks after getting a fix from 3rd party shop in Rochester, NY (authorized spot by Yuneec) and we did a test flight there too afterward. But now I'm taking it out and it's giving me this: purple-white-yellow flashing on the rear. Arm...
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    Degree of Accuracy to H's Object Detection

    Soooooo.... any thoughts on the legitimacy of object detection? The real question is whether it's good enough to detect: A) Flat Water B) Far enough out so that upon zipping straight forward, nearly above the road or water, if an apparent descent (from sheer acceleration and continued forward...
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    Degree of Accuracy to H's Object Detection

    Oh. Mine's got the buggy eyes in front, so I guess that's it. And BTW... IT DOESN'T WORK. I had it on and just crashed again. This time, however, it was into a large bush / small tree. I flipped it into Hover mode coming back down from Smart, right over Aerial... never used Hover and honestly...
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    Degree of Accuracy to H's Object Detection

    Are there multiple Hs? Just the quasi new Typhoon H...
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    Degree of Accuracy to H's Object Detection

    As I've crashed once already, but out of carelessness and not from ramming into something. Though the detection mode was off, so maybe it could have been prevented. Anyway... I'm new to the UV crash detection, so it is it far enough out (or adjustable) so that it will read directly off the...
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    Battery Drainage Responsibility

    It was suggested to me by one of the tech guys at Yuneec that we should be landing H flights by 14.6. because of the lithiom battery type. We were once advised to run out batteries down to 1% (electronics in general) so you didn't undercut its next cycle potential... right? And apparently the...
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    H blinking blue, ST16 not detecting

    Hey Gang, I don't know how to delete a thread.. but I think I figured it out. Didn't tilt it forward enough times! :-D