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Recent content by Snowman1ca

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    Adding music make boring video not so much

    4K isn't stabilized. Try 1080, will be much better.
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    Breeze Range Extender

    True.. I'm not even getting to the geo fence... so perhaps it would get him that little extra he's looking for. Be better for someone to hack the firmware geo fence :)
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    Breeze Range Extender

    I saw someone online had extended the wifi range of his Parrot Beebop by using a wifi USB stick extender with an external battery. Not sure if the would work with the Breeze or not.
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    Wifi drop out

    So, I took my Breeze up for the first time yesterday. Connecting wifi was fine... flew it from my back yard up 165 ft and out over a cemetery behind the house. Took a few pics and decided to fly back. Made it half way and the wifi just disconnected. Breeze hovered in the spot where it lost...
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    iOS App update includes FPV Mode & Joystick control

    JDBull... any further commentary on the fpv kit? Had a chance to fly outside?
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    Unstable Flight Indoors

    Did you turn off the GPS in the app? I hear it wanders if you dont do that.
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    Yuneec Breeze Review + Photography Samples

    Nice. Was looking for a photography review. Can't wait to get mine at Xmas.
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    New Breeze Accessory

    jD's post states you need to hit a couple of buttons to pair properly. X button and power button I think. Try that?
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    iOS App update includes FPV Mode & Joystick control

    Thank you for the info. Little disappointed by the stepped camera tilt. But seems great otherwise.
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    iOS App update includes FPV Mode & Joystick control

    Looks like an iPad with a foam case and handle.
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    New Breeze Accessory

    Indoor use with Yuneec controller.
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    iOS App update includes FPV Mode & Joystick control

    Would be interested in knowing if in fpv mode, how do you adjust the camera tilt angle. Perhaps the D-pad on the controller? Love to hear from someone who has tried it out. Thanks.
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    This drone is missing a MUCH NEEDED Feature!

    Just a matter of time I think. Updates are coming quick. FPV mode and goggle support just added supporting game controllers for physical input. I'm sure they'll get to it.
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    iOS App update includes FPV Mode & Joystick control

    Looks great. Nice to see continuous updates and features. I'm new with my Breeze. Will it support PS3 controllers? Anyone know of a good phone clip?
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    Best Buy is including a 50$ gift card with the breeze making it 450$

    Looks like $399 on Best Buy ... time to buy I think