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Recent content by Thunder horse

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    Typhoon H +

    Anybody got a picture of the inside of the H +,would like to see the motherboard with all hookups intact.LOL I'm building again!
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    CGO 3 Camera

    20.00 Hope your not offended
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    RIp part 2 rebuilding

    Nice job,how bad damaged was the original shells,top &bottom?
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    Parts Help

    Hello John, I need a botton air frame half for a q500 4k do you be any chance have one?
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    Typhoon H - Anyone have a spare of this part from the landing gear motor assembly?

    Try Ebay,if not then try Terrestrialimaging ,com they are dealer/repair service for yuneec and they have parts also!
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    Is it possible for the main board on a q500 4k to handle 6 motors instead of the original 4? if...

    Is it possible for the main board on a q500 4k to handle 6 motors instead of the original 4? if so what would the battery need to up grade too?
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    Try Terrestrial Imaging.com they have strobes,I think!Worth looking into!!
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    Bad Crash.

    Well the damage from 100 ft up is not as bad as I expected( my opinion) I have seen much worst,but the hidden damage is the one that get's ya! Now I would be interested in buying the camera if you want to sell it.It surely has some good parts after the hit. I am also very sorry for your...
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    q500 4k esc

    Well again you have saved my day,THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!
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    q500 4k esc

    Can anyone tell me the difference in the front esc and the rear esc for the same bird? Why I ask is that I have a bad esc from the rear and have a new one for the front,both have the same numbers on them!!
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    Parts Help

    Yes send me some shipping info so I can use my paypal account! My email is [email protected]
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    Parts Help

    This item is sold out!!
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    Parts Help

    I need a complete air frame for a q500 4k,not a landing gear part
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    Parts Help

    Yes I am interested please send some pics
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    Parts Help

    Yes can you send some pics of what you have?