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Recent content by Thunder horse

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    I got conned!

    I would try Terrestrial Imaging,or Yuneec skins.com
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    Parting out two typhoon H's

    If you will hold the camera til the 20th of Jan,I will take it !! My ss check comes on the 20th. I think I used Paypal to pay you the other time and will do the same this time. The camera is a plus isn't it if not will it work on my other q500?
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    Parting out two typhoon H's

    I am interested in the cameras
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    Catastrophic GiFi Battery Failure and Loss of Aircraft

    Would you be willing to sell the remains of the camera
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    Q500 Repairs in USA?

    terrestrial imaging .com they are an authorized repair service. there number is as follows 800-359-0530
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    CGO 3 Camera

    45.00 hope this offer doesn't offend you!
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    Q500 Repairs in USA?

    Terrestrial imaging .com
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    In search of H520 parts

    You can try Terrestrial imaging .com They are yuneec repair service and parts, and try Yuneec skins.com they are also same!
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    OH The Horror!

    what would you take for the camera pieces?
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    Wanted - dual port charger for typhoon H-plus

    looking for camera and gimbal for my h+,need a descant price,ss doesn't go very far!!1
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    Ack! I just bought a Typhoon H and got hosed! :(

    Most of the camera parts can be found @ terrestrial imaging .com they also have other parts aswell and they are a yuneec service center!
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    2 Gifi Q500 batteries NIB

    Is there any remains of the q500? I might be interested!
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    Q500 help

    Thanks,I never think of them!!
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    CGO 3 Camera

    DId you ever sell this camera?