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360 camera

  1. P

    Modified rig to attach 360 camera to Typhoon a success

    Wanted to share some fun and awesome content. Just modified a camera rig to hold one of my 360 cameras. Worked like a champ and the content was really good quality. True 360, not using gimbal control. The H performed so well it did not want to land, : ) Here is link to the 360 output Panono...
  2. X

    360 Camera for Typhoon H??

    Are there any 360 cameras on the way for the Typhoon H? I know 360 cameras are out there, but I'd like to be able to mount one to my Typhoon H and control it from the controller. I know there's an infrared camera, so I'm hoping there's something on the way that will allow us to take full (360)...