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360 panorama

  1. H

    Tiny planet with Typhoon H, fast and easy

    1. Use Double Layer Panorama Mode (get 18 pictures) 2. Use free software like Microsoft's Image Composite Editor (stitch and crop) 3. Use any software for post, canvas your image to 2:1 proportions and add sky. 4. Use free service like Kuula.co to get 360 panorama or "Tiny planet" effect. Here...
  2. AeroJ

    Interactive Panorama Tutorial

    Here's a fairly in-depth tut on creating Panoramas with the H/H+. Work in progress, so will be adding more details / screenies in due course. There are several stages to making a working online interactive panoramic photo like this one. These are: 1. Taking the Panorama photos on the UAV 2...
  3. AeroJ

    Spin Panorama

    Finally getting the workflow nailed for this sort of thing. Here is a massively unimpressive panoramic I took during yesterday's flights, shamefully near the ground (I wanted to see what the camera was up to before I sent it anywhere impressive) but we have at least got it working, and without...
  4. Bosse_A

    360 picture of my hometown village

    Here is a picture I managed with the double panorama in my new TH. I did not know how easy it was to make a Panorama. The best way to look at it is in Facebook, but it is also possible tio show it in Kuula: Kuula | The Village Hökerum in Sweden
  5. C

    Amazing good panoramic 360 X180 w/ the Typhoon H pro & Studio Pro 4 sticker.

    Hey Pilots, im so happy, the Typhoon H panoramic photo is Amazing! This is a example of it in my town. enjoy it. Was made whit the Studio pro 4 sticker . www.facebook.com/adrian.barcan/posts/10208358078620130
  6. OregonDrone

    Aerial 360 Panorama

    I've been doing more 360 panoramas lately and I wanted to try one with my camera drone. It turns out it works pretty well. Check it out. Hood River Valley Camera Drone Panorama