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  1. M

    H520 and GUI?

    HI to all! Can I connect my H520 to Typhoon GUI? I tried few times, but it doesn't connect via serial port. (I ran with admin rights, with original USB cable and another cables, tried different PC - it doesn't' help me). If I can't - how I can unlock height limit (500 m) on my H520 in another...
  2. R

    Yuneec H520 and H920 Plus info

    On their USA web site, Yuneec is now showing the H520 and the H920 Plus. Specs and various promo info but no prices or availability info. One interesting thing is that the H920 Plus uses the ST16 Controller instead of the ST24. Here is a link giving more info about the new H920 Plus. Claims...

    Typhoon H520

    Yuneec Launches Industrial-Strength Typhoon H520 Drone