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accelerometer calibration

  1. J

    Can't calibrate H520 Accelerometer

    I'm getting an error message on the ST16S when I try and calibrate the Accelerometer. The calibration fails each time with the depressing descending set of beeps, and then an error on the ST16S: EMERGENCY: Mag 0 fail: TOUT! I've tried in various locations and all fail in the same way. Also...
  2. chiloschista

    Why there are H flying well and other not, after firmware upgrade?

    Hello ensemble, after some thinking why my H does no more fly as it was at first and after THoff note on another thread I checked for level the floor where I do accelerometers calibration. The floor is level. Then what? Well the landing gear is level, what about the controller board? I checked...

    Calibration of: Compass, Accelerometer, Gimbal Camera

    Here is a long overdue "Typhoon H calibration" video I recently put together. It is designed for new Typhoon H pilots (you experienced pilots already know all of this and much more). Instead of three separate videos, I put all 3 calibration items together in one video for easy reference. I...