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  1. O

    Near Uncontrolled Airport

    I am a new Typhoon H owner. I have friends who commented on the fact that their drone would not fly when within 5 miles of our local airport. My office is located on our uncontrolled airport grounds, so I tested my drone to see how it would behave in that location. My location is under very...
  2. X

    Issues Filing Flight Plan

    Has anyone else had issues filing a flight plan? So far, the airport towers that I've tried to communicate with never respond (approve/deny/acknowledge receipt) when I try to file a flight plan. When flying near a hospital, they're much more responsive. I just call security for the helipad and...
  3. W

    airport communications!

    Here is the app and website for airportcommunications if you edit with your UAV or if you flying its like your are the pilot!!!!!!! Airport Detail: EHAM | LiveATC.net Example: Listening to: EHAM Ground | Amsterdam, Netherlands | LiveATC.net
  4. D

    Traveling to Croatia, Italy, Turkey and Greece for a year! Need lots of advice.

    Hi team! Sandy (partner) and I are taking off to explore, and "write our story" with the aid of this magic bird. We have many questions about overhead cases on the plan vs. checked, easy portability for day use (backpack versus dragging a wheeled device), how many extra batteries (two plus...