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  1. H

    new firmware solves it - Wrong altitude on Exif Information of my H520E and E90X (with work around by h-elsner!)

    Workaround: Wrong altitude on Exif Information of my H520E and E90X (with work around by h-elsner!) #47 EDIT: After some tests it seems that the height in EXIF stores the comma one place too far left. Once I adjusted the decimal point position manually with the program "EXIF Pilot", the...
  2. Steve Carr

    Typhoon H GUI

    Follow this procedure to use the GUI for the Typhoon H. It is used to check the status of the onboard systems, the motors and to adjust altitude.
  3. F

    Altitude ,how it works

    Angle flight mode incorporates GPS, barometric and other sensors to maintain stable position in flight . Every aircraft that takes off from an airport sets it’s altimeter to the elevation of the airport it’s taking off from , then some fairly complicated math , including barometric pressure...
  4. C

    Breeze at 14,500 ft?

    Hi I'm taking a team up a big mountain and wanted to haul my breeze 4k with me for the hero or it shot on the summit. Will the breeze have enough power to do it? My plan is to have the battery close to my body for warmth prior to launch, get the orbit settings dialed, and takeoff/film...
  5. Archileo

    19m height limit??? WHY?

    I have adjusted the GUI, to no avail. I am new to Typhoon H, and cant figure out how why it wont fly past 19 meters. Any ideas???
  6. D

    Determining altitude and spacing for surveys

    How does everyone determine altitude and spacing for surveys. I've done a couple now but it's been a bit of 'finger in the air' estimation when setting these parameters. Happy with the results but I'd be far more comfortable coming up with a way of setting them a bit more methodically. For...
  7. C

    How to fly at altitude below starting alt without crashing? Altitude Accuracy?

    Does everyone agree the altitude accuracy of the H is 10-30' and that the altitude is relative to the starting altitude, i.e. starting alt = 0' despite actual? Also, does everyone agree the altitude reading can change by 10-30' during a flight? If so, does anyone have advice on how to safely...
  8. M

    Bouncing up after landing

    Hi All, Ok I have a wee problem as of the past two flights. My H has been perfect since its maiden flight last Oct 2016. It is the pro RS version. Lat two flights when I have landed (perfectly as usual) I have let go of the throttle to move my left index finger to the red button to kill the...
  9. R

    Altitude descending (descending) when level on ground

    Hi All. New Q500 4K owner here (actually new drone user!). Bought the unit used with only 3 previous flights. Took it out for a spin this morning and noticed the altitude readout was incorrect. It was showing about -45ft when on the ground. This number continually decreased, down to -65ft...
  10. jarvis

    Altitude test flights....

    just wanted to know what altitude (height) you all have been to and if higher than 1000' is possible, if so what modifications or tweaking did you do? Thanks for your insights.....
  11. chrishg

    High Altitude Flight

    Test flight of my Q500+ at 8000+ feet above sea level. Wind was a problem. Flight was at Mineral Basin up American Fork Canyon, Utah.