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android app

  1. L

    Firmware issues - my workaround

    Some background: So, my experience of Yuneec's Breeze drone has been mixed, to say the least. The first one I purchased developed an issue with the camera's servo motors. Loud scraping noise, then it froze completely. Drone was replaced under warranty - great stuff. This replacement drone then...
  2. F

    Firmware Issues / Breeze WiFi fix / Tips

    Hi, FYI.... I'm writing this to help others who may be in a similar situation as me. After my Breeze crashed a couple times due to faulty app and firmware updates I tried to contact Yuneec for help. I spent a long time on hold, and a long time with '0 minutes remaining' before I got hung up...
  3. Bob Brazell

    smart phone connection for steadygrip CG03 (no camera image)

    I'm trying to use the CG03 with the steadygrip and everything works fine except the camera screen on my phone monitor shows no camera image. All the functions are there but the screen is black. A little box pops up in the middle and says "network error" momentarily. I went to my phone Wi-Fi...
  4. R

    Android camera app for the H CGO3

    Methodus, a member in Germany, posted in General Discussion that he developed an android app, Typhoon Camera, to control Yuneec cams, including CGO3. I know Flying Junkie is familiar with it, as he posted there. I just tried it with my H Pro and my Note 4 phone. Started ST-16, then the Bird...