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  1. jazzman81

    Drone Footage Over Old 4th Ward Skate Park - Atlanta

    Me and a group of drone pilots went out for some flying on a beautiful winter day in Atlanta. I captured footage over the O4W Skate Park and Beltline. We had two DJI Mavik drones and pilots, one DJI Phantom 2 drone and pilot, one DJI Phantom 4 drone and pilot, and I flew my Yuneec Typhoon H Hex...
  2. jazzman81

    I Need Troubleshooting Help - Motor Failure During Flight

    I was flying my hex, it was in a low hover, about 30 meters up and about 30 meters behind me... there was a light breeze. Out of no where, I got an error stating the drone was in 5 motor operation mode. I had never seen or heard of this happening so I didn't believe message. The drone was behind...
  3. jazzman81

    Atlanta Pilots FaceBook Group

    I created a FaceBook group for Atlanta pilots. It's called "Atlanta Aerial Videography & Photography". Please join the FaceBook page if you want to meet up in the Atlanta area. This group is for drone operators that like to use their drones/UAVs for Aerial Photography and Videography and are...