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autonomous flight

  1. dsandson

    UgCS for H520

    Folks, quick heads up as I haven't seen it posted here but it looks like UgCS now supports the Yuneec H520 as of mid-January. Has anyone used it for other drone makes? Any thoughts on the usefulness of the planning tools? I dont have an H520 but its certainly on the radar for later this year...
  2. K

    Setting the POI Center Remotely

    I'm working on a shoot tomorrow where I want to use POI mode to orbit a crowd from 50 meters away. I don't want to fly over the crowd, so is there a way to either A) set the POI center to a position away from the Typhoon H, or B) set the POI center then retain that position for 15 minutes? For...
  3. DronesSellingHomes

    Reasonable and safe autonomy Apps?

    Check this out & post reviews for fellow members! Hello my fellow H lovers (lol - a lot of interesting things could be substituted for Hexacopter; but get that mind back on track - ), I posted a reply to another thread and decided that it would be a good idea to start a specific thread. So...
  4. Douglas M

    Typhoon H Pilots Needed - Influence the Future of Drone Development!

    Hello, Apologies first and foremost to be soliciting your help. I am a Human Factors researcher of a large company (which I cannot disclose) that is conducting a study on drone piloting experiences (specifically focused on autonomous flight capabilities). As you all know, drones with autonomous...