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  1. C

    CGO3+ issue

    My H was boxed up and put away for a few months. My CGO3+ was mounted to it, but not being held in place with a camera lock. The box was only moved a couple of times however, and was done gently, so I don't feel that it suffered any damage from rough treatment. Took it out tonite to shoot...
  2. B

    Breeze Bind & Start Problem

    Hi there, I bought a brand new Breeze. For about 2 hours, i tried to bind it to it’s own wifi, faced a lot of problems. Sometimes, the wifi was not even found. (I tried with an IPhone 7, ios version 10.2.1) Anyway, at a time , I succeeded to bind to wifi , made the config and tested indoor at...
  3. Cranky Trapper

    The beeping is drivin' me crazy!

    Ok..... So a while back I had a little crash and burn with my Q5004K.... some of the wires were disconnected from the camera and gimbal. I repaired as much as I could and then took it to the shop where I bought it to solder the wires I couldn't. When I turn on the unit its still beeping the...