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breeze cam

  1. DoomMeister

    Breeze Cam has been restored to the Apple App Store!!!

    Edit Sep 06, 2018: Breeze Cam has been restored to the Apple App Store today. It is still the same app as before, with no updates or improvements. Edit Sep 04, 2018: Could not get through to overloaded Customer Support lines, but was able to contact Sales. The iOS version of Breeze Cam will...
  2. DoomMeister

    Guide to Analyzing Breeze Cam FlightLogs - Your Data is Needed

    I wanted to have a way to plot my flights with the Breeze on Google Maps/Earth, so I started exploring the data contained in the Breeze Cam FlightLog files. As I started inserting the data into Google Maps, I was finding that a lot of my files were showing the Breeze staying in the same place...