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breeze won’t work

  1. DoomMeister

    BREEZE KILLER … Formatting memory outside of Breeze Cam app will brick your Breeze

    ONLY use Breeze Cam to format the internal memory of the Breeze. DO NOT use Windows, iMac, Linux, etc. to clear or format the the Breeze’s internal memory. Doing so will most likely render your Breeze unusable. There have been a few that did this and bricked their Breeze. It will no longer...
  2. DoomMeister

    How To: Troubleshoot the Breeze and Request Help in the Forum

    We are here to help each other with flying and maintaining our Yuneec aircraft. To aid the troubleshooting process the steps below will help reduce repeating the same information each time someone asks for help. If followed it will also give us the information needed to help you in a more timely...